sabato 11 luglio 2009

My son-in-law's next book

The Discovery of China
by Jan van der Putten

For children from 10 onwards

The best way to get to know a foreign country is to visit it,
or still better to live there for a couple of years.
So did Jan van der Putten, the author of this book,
who still lives during a part of the year in China

and travels a lot through the country.
In this book he tells the story
of an adolescent boy who is visiting China
because he wants to get to know his roots,
being adopted as a baby by a European couple.
Not yet old enough to travel alone
he meets in China a wise companion,
who introduces him to Chinese daily life
and famous tourist sites.
He lets him meet interesting people,
talks about Chinese history and travels
with him through China’s different landscapes.
He shows him art and sports
and lets him read old and modern literature.
Sometimes the boy is taken aback
by the differences between China and his home country.
He has many questions which his companion tries to answer.
This attractive book will give the young readers
a lot of answers and insight information
which will open their mind to China
and their Chinese contemporaries.
A book with interesting facts,
full of stories and with beautiful art
and photos ( by Dominique landau )and other
materials: attractive to young readers
and just as interesting for the adult ones.

Jan van der Putten worked until recently as a journalist in China.
He wrote several books about the country and its people.

If you wish you can find him on:

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Luísa ha detto...

Thank you for de lesson!
I´ll coming visit him!
With love,


Anonimo ha detto...

Efcharisto parapoly por esta info! Aunque adulto voy a comprar este libro de ninos.
El Baron

Dominique ha detto...

me puedo imaginar que instructivo sera ese libro y que idea fantastica hacerla en forma de diario..:)