giovedì 28 maggio 2009

Saul Steinberg

Saul Steinberg was born in Romania in 1914.
In 1933 after a year studying philosophy
at the University of Bucharest
he enrolled in the Politecnico
in Milan as an architecture student.

The precision of architectural drafting
taught him the potential
of a spare two-dimensional line
to describe a complex three-dimensional form.

During the 1930s
Steinberg applied this lesson to the cartoons
he began publishing in Milan
for the twice-weekly satirical magazine Bertoldo.
The incisive wit of these images
would distinguish much of his art.

By 1940 Steinberg’s drawings were appearing
in Life magazine.

The following year
anti-Jewish racial laws in Fascist Italy
forced him to flee.

While in Santo Domingo in 1941
awaiting a US visa
he started publishing regularly in The New Yorker.

Throughout his long career
he used drawing to think about the semantics of art
reconfiguring stylistic signs into a new language
suited to the fabricated temper of modern life.
He was, the "inspector,"
seeing through every false front,
every pretense.

Sometimes with affection
sometimes with irony
but always a virtuoso master

Saul Steinberg described
carefully the wrought masks
of 20th-century civilization

4 commenti:

Germano Xavier ha detto...

Agora você nos ensina um pouco dos teus prováveis mestres.

Muito bom e gratificante isso, Myra.

Um carinho bom.

Dulcineia (Lília) ha detto...

Art is art...
no paroles ... just art...
Myra, thanks for your visit to the rainbow of life!

And, with this space we'll learn a lot. I've already lerned. Names never heard before... paintings...

Congratulations. A big hug from me, in Lisbon, dying with hot


Anonimo ha detto...

para Dulcineia( Lilia) I'm glad and I'll put some more, and perhaps even myself :)

Conceição Duarte ha detto...

Minha querida, os traços para quem faz uma caricatura, são marcas registradas do estílo e da sensibilidade do perceber do artista. Maravilhoso, diferente, competente!

Um beijo, CON